It’s Time For Company

My initial thoughts on being allocated my company were ‘this is bit bigger than expected’. One of the best things about this unit is the element of surprise. It is definitely not what I expected, or what seems to be anywhere near my comfort zone.

My company is Fulcrum Utility Services Limited. They are an independent electricity and gas infrastructure provider located in the UK.

Some of the services they provide are gas/electricity supply infrastructure, metering supply, pipework inspections/maintenance and fuel conversions. They are able to install or alter gas and power infrastructure used for utilities for single sites through to multi-sites such as apartment complexes and business offices.

Fulcrum became incorporated in 2008, and is an award winning market leader.  Their history over the last several years shows steady growth and expansion of the business. They have had many projects, including designing and installing the gas infrastructure in 2012 for the Olympic Stadium and Park.

I managed to find them listed on the stock exchange and their shares have been steadily rising over the last 5 years, and they recently acquired Dunamis Group Limited (a power supply building competitor) for £22 million.

Fulcrum Utility is one of the few companies approved and licenced for both electric and gas supply infrastructure in the UK. This gives them a very competitive edge in the market by being accredited in both fields.

I look forward to delving more into this company and realizing the companies’ reality through its financials.


                      Fulcrum Logo


Well, after several days of putting it off, I found this much harder to write than it should have been. I would get 2-3 paragraphs in and then delete it all to start again because it just didn’t ‘sit’ right with me. Although there is no wrong answer in this assignment, it didn’t seem right that I had no great epiphany or revelation while reading thru the study material, but faking it didn’t seem right either as we were asked for honesty. It’s not that I didn’t get anything out of the readings, however I did not seem to have the ‘AHA’ moment that others had.

Maybe don’t read others before doing my own would be a lesson well learnt in this sort of scenario, as I keep getting the feeling I have missed something important in the translation

TLDR: Here is my ASS#1 – Parts 1 & 2

Emma Doyle ASS#1 Step 1-2

Getting Ready

I had plans to sit and study today before the afternoon got started (usually one of my more strictly ‘timetabled’ sections of the day), and lo and behold……out come the spanners. This, my friends, is why theories work much better than plans. Most people don’t throw spanners in theories!

It seems over the last few days that the harder I have tried to get the basics of our unit sorted, the further backwards I have seemed to get. I keep telling myself that I am getting my butt in gear . . . reverse is a gear, isn’t it?. . . getting a start on what needs to be done and set up to be able to successfully complete this unit, yet I keep letting little distractions – well – distract me from what I am supposed to be focusing on.

How do you deal with things like this? Are there any suggestions you have, that may assist me to get through, not only this unit, but my studies as a whole?


Hello and Welcome

Hi, my name is Emma. I am a 36 yr old mother of 5. I live in Rockhampton, QLD, with my kids, 1 dog, 2 rats and 3 guinea pigs. I am a full time mum, part-time cleaner, volunteer my time to tuck-shop and playgroup, and now a full time student just to round things out.

At the beginning of this year, I realized that I had to stop waiting for life to change for me and make my goals a reality, so I chose to study a Diploma of Business Studies as I have started my own home based business, and would like the knowledge to build and run it successfully, and as I have found with my small trial run, having the skills and knowledge behind you to start things off would be much better than winging it.

I know things may get a little difficult, I already have a very hectic schedule, however I know I have the stubbornness, smarts, skills and support to get through, not only from my family and friends, but hopefully my fellow students as well.

I look forward to gaining much knowledge from this unit, and look forward to making new friends while here.